Restored Rest: Help for CPAP Users

One of the RR seamstresses bundles her covers in groups of ten using scrap bits of material.

Mission Statement

Restored Rest's mission is to produce and sell quality, reasonably priced CPAP covers that makes using a CPAP machine easier, while practicing fair labor management.  

Photo Left - One of the RR seamstresses bundles the covers she sews into groups of ten and then ties them together with a bit of scrap material.  

Rita McPhail, LMSW
CEO, Restored Rest LLC

Inventor, Owner, Snorer

 After being diagnosed with sleep apnea about ten years ago Rita McPhail resisted trying a CPAP machine until her husband just couldn't stand the noise anymore. She invented the Restored Rest covers for her own use and then formed RR to share the covers with others. She is a social worker by training and established Evaluation & Organizational Insights, her first independent business, to work with nonprofits on a consulting basis. 


The Future

Restored Rest hopes to offer covers to fit specific mask styles and sizes in the future.  The ladies of Etsy have already asked about making the covers in colors and prints. 

Photo Left - Bundles of sewn covers,  with the first group of covers made with patterned material in the middle, make an interesting pattern.